Mango Paneer $11.99

Cottage cheese cooked in a curry with a sweet and tangy twist of mangoes and spices.

Tarka Dal $9.99

Yellow lentils simmered with aromatic herbs and spices.


Paneer cooked with a coconut based sauce with a dash of red chillies.


Fresh fenugreek leaves and green peas simmered with cream and cottage cheese. A dish you won’t want to miss !!


Cubed cottage cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes and a secret combinations of spices.


From the heart of the Punjab comes this exotic combination of lentils and beans.


Chick peas and potatoes combined deliciously in a tangy freshly ground masala (curry).


Pot roasted potatoes gently simmered with cumin and mustard seeds.


A bouquet of fresh Ontario vegetables in a delicately spiced cream sauce.


Fresh Ontario vegetables cooked with juliennes of onion, tomato, capsicum, and garnished with fresh coriander.


Another regional specialty. Slices of eggplant sauteed with cashews, raisins and onion seeds.

Aloo Ghobi $11.99

Cauliflower florets and diced potato prepared in an enticingly fragment blend of spices.


Fresh Okra, stir fried with onions and freshly ground spices. A wonderful accompaniment to any meal.

Saag Paneer $11.99

Fresh spinach and cubed cottage cheese cooked in the tradition of the Punjab.


Take fresh Ontario mushrooms and peas, add a delicious paneer (cottage cheese) and cook them in a remarkable combination of tomatoes, onions and liquefied chashews. A vegetarian speciality of the house.


An amazing cheese-based delicacy served in an exquisite moghlai gravy.


Cubed cottage cheese, stewed in traditional butter tomato curry sauce.


Cottage cheese cooked in a Kadhai, with fresh tomatoes and a secret combination of spices. A speciality of our kitchen.

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