Combination of samosas, pakoras and onion bhajiya for a food lover’s delight !


Hot and crunchy french fries seasoned with Indian spices, and served with spiced mayo.

Pani Puri $4.99

Puffed pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potatoes, chick peas, wafers, spiced water & tamarind chutney.


A lightly battered patty of delicate fish quickly fried to perfection.


A wonderful exotic mixture of crunchy wafers, chick peas and potatoes topped with yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, mint and tamarind chutney. It’s the perfect start to your feast !


A specialty of the royal palace of Shah Jahan, this combination of sliced onion and gram flour batter is delicately spiced and fried.

Pakoras $4.50

A lightly fried fritter of garden fresh vegetables.

Samosas $3.99

Delicate triangular pastry puffs filled with a scrumptious combination of spiced peas and potatoes.

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