Mango Paneer $11.99

Cottage cheese cooked in a curry with a sweet and tangy twist of mangoes and spices.

Tarka Dal $9.99

Yellow lentils simmered with aromatic herbs and spices.


Paneer cooked with a coconut based sauce with a dash of red chillies.


Fresh fenugreek leaves and green peas simmered with cream and cottage cheese. A dish you won’t want to miss !!


Cubed cottage cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes and a secret combinations of spices.


From the heart of the Punjab comes this exotic combination of lentils and beans.


Chick peas and potatoes combined deliciously in a tangy freshly ground masala (curry).


Pot roasted potatoes gently simmered with cumin and mustard seeds.


A bouquet of fresh Ontario vegetables in a delicately spiced cream sauce.


Fresh Ontario vegetables cooked with juliennes of onion, tomato, capsicum, and garnished with fresh coriander.


Another regional specialty. Slices of eggplant sauteed with cashews, raisins and onion seeds.

Aloo Ghobi $11.99

Cauliflower florets and diced potato prepared in an enticingly fragment blend of spices.


Fresh Okra, stir fried with onions and freshly ground spices. A wonderful accompaniment to any meal.

Saag Paneer $11.99

Fresh spinach and cubed cottage cheese cooked in the tradition of the Punjab.


Take fresh Ontario mushrooms and peas, add a delicious paneer (cottage cheese) and cook them in a remarkable combination of tomatoes, onions and liquefied chashews. A vegetarian speciality of the house.


An amazing cheese-based delicacy served in an exquisite moghlai gravy.


Cubed cottage cheese, stewed in traditional butter tomato curry sauce.


Cottage cheese cooked in a Kadhai, with fresh tomatoes and a secret combination of spices. A speciality of our kitchen.



Lettuce, onion, cucumber, and tomatoes tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.


Sliced onions and green chilies garnished with lemon juice.

Achar $2.50

Spicy, and we mean spicy, mixed pickles
(All sales subject to Federal & Provincial sales tax)


A sweet and delicious condiment that is just perfect with any of our curries.


This always present palate cooler makes a delicious side dish or appetizer. We have taken diced cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, stirred them gently into a savory whipped yogurt and garnished it with cumin seeds.


A mixture of finely diced cucumber, onion and tomatoes tossed in a lightly seasoned lemon dressing, just delicious (fabulous as an appetizer or an accompaniment).


Quinoa $5.99


In the finest Hyderabadi tradition this royal dish combines shrimp and rice with pungent aromatic spices.
Highly recommended by our chef!


In the finest Hyderabadi tradition this royal dish combines chicken/Lamb/Beef and rice with pungent aromatic spices.
Highly recommended by our chef!


A fabulous combination of rice and fresh spiced vegetables, flavoured with mint and a hint of saffron.

Peas Pulao $3.99

Aromatic rice served with fresh Ontario peas. As colourful as it is flavourful.


Fragrant and delicious.
(Please advise us of any allergies)


An assortment of bread: naan, onion naan, paratha, and garlic naan.


A flaky multi layered bread baked with your choice of methi (fenugreek) or pudina (mint) leaves.


If you’re a lover of sweet nothings, then this naan is for you. This wonderful specialty of Kashmir has bread stuffed with pieces of sultana raisins, dried fruits, almonds, cashews and pistachios. A spectacular accompaniment that will add a dash of richness to your meal!


A cheese lover’s delight! Stuffed bread with ground cottage cheese, smathered with spices and green chillies. Accompany with a raita or mixed pickle, and your in heaven!


A delicacy of Punjab! Stuffed bread with mashed potatoes that have been roasted and baked with tangy and tasty spices of the North (cumin, chaat masala, amchur powder etc.

Keema Naan $4.50

Leavened Indian bread stuffed with ground meat (your choice of Lamb or Chicken) marinated and cooked with ground Indian spices. A naan lover’s delight!


A flaky multi layered bread.


Leavened Indian bread stuffed with diced and spiced onions, just delicious.

Paratha $3.50

Whole wheat bread baked in layers.


The Punjabi specialty with the addition of garlic… the perfect accompaniment to any of our tangier selections.

Naan $1.99

The light leavened bread of the Punjab.


Baked whole wheat bread.


Combination of samosas, pakoras and onion bhajiya for a food lover’s delight !


Hot and crunchy french fries seasoned with Indian spices, and served with spiced mayo.

Pani Puri $4.99

Puffed pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potatoes, chick peas, wafers, spiced water & tamarind chutney.


A lightly battered patty of delicate fish quickly fried to perfection.


A wonderful exotic mixture of crunchy wafers, chick peas and potatoes topped with yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, mint and tamarind chutney. It’s the perfect start to your feast !


A specialty of the royal palace of Shah Jahan, this combination of sliced onion and gram flour batter is delicately spiced and fried.

Pakoras $4.50

A lightly fried fritter of garden fresh vegetables.

Samosas $3.99

Delicate triangular pastry puffs filled with a scrumptious combination of spiced peas and potatoes.


Soup of the day. Ask the waiter about what remarkable concoction the chef has cooked up today.
* Addition of chicken ( $2.50)


The British said, “…soup! we want soup” Soup was never part of Indian cuisine until the British arrived, but what a soup we came up with! One that has now become a staple in fine Indian kitchens around the world. This tangy coconut and lentil combination is finished with a drizzle of cream. Try it. You’ll like it!
* Addition of chicken ( $2.50)


Mixed assortment of fresh Ontario vegetables and cottage cheese baked to perfection in a marination of your choice : mild, medium, or spicy.


Cubed cottage cheese marinated in a tangy/spicy pickled marination which is grilled to perfection.

Lamb Tikka $14.99

Charbroiled boneless lamb flavoured with ginger, yoghurt, and freshly ground spices.

Red Tikka $12.99

Succulent pieces of dark meat chicken that have been marinated and baked with traditional spices from the region of Bihar. If you are looking for a dish with flavor and taste of India, then this dish is for you!


Synonymous to Northern India, this boneless chicken tikka is baked to perfection in a tangy/spicy pickled marination.

Fish Tikka $17.99

Filets of fish marinated in a robust combination of spices and baked to a mouth watering delight.


Take one whole salmon trout, (ask about seasonal availability) marinate it in our secret combination of cumin, coriander and turmeric, bake it to perfection. Amazingly delicious!


Jumbo prawns marinated in an exotic blend of yoghurt & carom seeds and grilled to a mouth-watering perfection.


Charbroiled lamb chops like nothing you have ever tasted before! Flavoured with ginger, yoghurt and freshly ground spices. A true specialty of the house!


Roasted boneless chicken, lovingly marinated in a robust combination of yoghurt, ginger, garlic and peppers and nuts (contains nuts).


Filets of Chicken, with a hint of almond and delicate spices, is broiled to perfection.
(contains nuts)


Cubed cottage cheese, marinated in an exotic blend of yoghurt and carom seeds which are grilled to perfection.

Seekh Kebab $12.99

Finely chopped lamb mixed with a combination of freshly ground herbs & spices, wrapped on a skewer and grilled.


Half chicken marinated in a secret tandoori masala and barbecued until tender. Served boneless or with bone.


A vegetarian delight. Cauliflower marinated in yoghurt and spices, and baked in the tandoor (Clay Oven).


Taking our traditional homemade chicken curry to a whole new level with a sweet & yang twist of mangoes and spices.


Only for the very brave ! A fabulous chicken and potato curry cooked abundantly with hot spices. A speciality of Goa.

Kadhai Murgh $13.50

Tender boneless chicken cooked with juliennes of onion,tomato,& bell peppers and garnished with fresh coriander.

Murgh Madras $13.50

A true chicken classic, not for the faint of heart. Flavoured with coconut, a specialty of the Madras region.

Murgh Saag $13.50

Diced Chicken cooked in fine puree of fresh spinach herbs and spices.


Succulent boneless chicken roasted in Tandoor, then cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with green bell peppers, ginger and fresh coriander.


Just yummy! Chicken, par-broiled and then finished in a creamed coriander flavoured tomato sauce. The chicken lover’s favourite and a specialty of the house.


Butter basted chicken simmered slowly in a fragrant tomato gravy. A truly classical Indian dish.

Murgh Jeera $13.50

Boneless chicken delicately spiced in a yoghurt-based recipe that combines cumin, fresh ginger, and coriander leaves.


Chicken breast simmered in a delicious herbs and cilantro flavoured sauce.

Methi Lamb $13.99

Fresh fenugreek leaves cooked with lamb in traditional spices and simmered to a mouth watering delight !


Lamb marinated in aromatic spices and cooked to a perfect tenderness with a hint of yoghurt.


Only for the very brave! A fabulous meat (lamb or beef) and potato curry cooked abundantly with hot spices. A specialty of Goa.


Lamb or beef cooked with a coconut based sauce with a dash of red chilies.


Diced Lamb or beef cooked in fine puree of fresh spinach herbs and spices.

Beef Salan $13.99

A beef lover’s favourite! Marinated in aromatic spices and simmered to a perfect tenderness.


Mutton prepared in the traditional masala (curry) and garnished with fresh coriander.

Kadhai Gosht $13.99

Juicy Ontario lamb cooked in a Kadhai, with fresh tomatoes and a secret combination of spices, A specialty of our kitchen.


A truly remarkable dish of lamb cooked in the traditional Kashmiri Masala (curry) and flavoured with saffron.


Lean lamb, cubed and prepared in a mild sauce of nuts and yoghurt with a whisper of saffron.

Laziz-E-Mach $14.99

This hot and spicy fish curry will treat our taste buds as it deserves with a tangy hint of tamarind.


Shrimp stir fried in hot pickles and rare spices, from the traditional Goan kitchen. A seafood lovers delight.

Prawn Madras $18.50

Shrimp cooked with coconut based sauce with hint of red chili.

Prawn Masala $18.50

Prawns prepared in a delicious tomato-based curry with onions and green bell peppers.


Too delicious for words. Lightly poached Atlantic salmon in a piquant coconut based curry sauce.

Fish Masala $14.99

Atlantic salmon prepared in a delicious tomato based curry with onions and green bell peppers.

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