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About Us

Since 1998

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Opened on Valentine’s Day 1998, our mission was to provide customers with an enriching experience of gastronomical delight from recipes created for Kings and Queens of Mughlai royalty. We wanted to represent this cuisine in a way that was never shown before by using hand-made spices, fresh local ingredients, and traditional preparatory techniques. With much due success over the past 18 years, our mission has not changed but it has pushed us harder to go beyond our extremes in order to provide customers with a dining experience made to remember!

why choose us

The essence of The Indian Kitchen consists of a classic combination of the knowledge of Indian culinary roots, a unique magical experience and the respect of traditional values. We a provide a delicious gastronomical dimension to our customers in a warm modern setting where authentic Indian cuisine is prepared using high quality ingredients served in a refined style. Our chefs will take you on a culinary tour of India, offering a taste of the North and Mughlai cuisine originally prepared for the royalty of great palaces.

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We welcome you to join us at our new location at 7335 Yonge Street (South East corner of Yonge St. & Clark Ave.)

Indian Kitchen is proud to present a remarkable cuisine born thousands of years ago in the heart of the subcontinent. A cuisine influenced as much by history as any on earth. Influenced by religion, invasion, occupation and an enormous diversity of climate. Soon you will revel in a spectacular eating experience that embraces India's regional variations, typified by the fish-based selections of the coastal regions, and the meat and vegetable-based recipes of the north.

Today you will experience food originally prepared for Kings and Princes in the kitchens of great palaces, but now lovingly prepared for you in our kitchen by our gourmet chefs. You are about to enjoy cuisine from afar prepared from only the freshest and finest meats and vegetables available from the farmlands of Ontario.

The Indian Kitchen dining experience is truly a feast. The multi layers of an Indian dinner will include a contrast of flavours and textures that compliments one another and titillate the palate. We hope that your dining experience will be one that brings you back again and again as the variety of combinations of selections are endless. We invite you to take your time, savour each course, delight in every sip of wine, and make this a meal to remember.

For the uninitiated don't be afraid to ask for advice from our expert staff, and finally, NO, not all Indian food is fiery hot, but some most certainly is. We have provided you, our customers, with a 5 chilly-rating system to determine just how hot you can expect each dish to be, five being the hottest and none being the mildest. As a compliment to our spicier dishes we urge you to one of our remarkable Indian lager beers as the perfect accompaniment.

It is our honour to serve you!

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