The Indian Kitchen

Mango Paneer $11.99

source link Cottage cheese cooked in a curry with a sweet and tangy twist of mangoes and spices.

Paneer Madras $11.99

Paneer cooked with a coconut based sauce with a dash of red chillies.

Fresh fenugreek leaves and green peas simmered with cream and cottage cheese. A dish you won’t want to miss !!

Cubed cottage cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes and a secret combinations of spices.

Dal Makhani $9.99

From the heart of the Punjab comes this exotic combination of lentils and beans.

Chana Masala $9.99

Chick peas and potatoes combined deliciously in a tangy freshly ground masala (curry).

Aloo Bombay $9.50

Pot roasted potatoes gently simmered with cumin and mustard seeds.

A bouquet of fresh Ontario vegetables in a delicately spiced cream sauce.

Fresh Ontario vegetables cooked with juliennes of onion, tomato, capsicum, and garnished with fresh coriander.