The Indian Kitchen

Mango Chicken $13.50 Taking our traditional homemade chicken curry to a whole new level with a sweet & yang twist of mangoes and spices.

source link Only for the very brave ! A fabulous chicken and potato curry cooked abundantly with hot spices. A speciality of Goa.

Kadhai Murgh $13.50

Tender boneless chicken cooked with juliennes of onion,tomato,& bell peppers and garnished with fresh coriander.

Murgh Madras $13.50

A true chicken classic, not for the faint of heart. Flavoured with coconut, a specialty of the Madras region.

Murgh Saag $13.50

Diced Chicken cooked in fine puree of fresh spinach herbs and spices.

Succulent boneless chicken roasted in Tandoor, then cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with green bell peppers, ginger and fresh coriander.

Just yummy! Chicken, par-broiled and then finished in a creamed coriander flavoured tomato sauce. The chicken lover’s favourite and a specialty of the house.

Butter basted chicken simmered slowly in a fragrant tomato gravy. A truly classical Indian dish.

Murgh Jeera $13.50

Boneless chicken delicately spiced in a yoghurt-based recipe that combines cumin, fresh ginger, and coriander leaves.

Nilgiri Korma $13.50

Chicken breast simmered in a delicious herbs and cilantro flavoured sauce.