The Indian Kitchen

Methi Lamb $13.99

where to buy provigil in bangkok Fresh fenugreek leaves cooked with lamb in traditional spices and simmered to a mouth watering delight !

Lazedar Gosht $13.99

here Lamb marinated in aromatic spices and cooked to a perfect tenderness with a hint of yoghurt.

Only for the very brave! A fabulous meat (lamb or beef) and potato curry cooked abundantly with hot spices. A specialty of Goa.

Lamb or beef cooked with a coconut based sauce with a dash of red chilies.

Diced Lamb or beef cooked in fine puree of fresh spinach herbs and spices.

Beef Salan $13.99

A beef lover’s favourite! Marinated in aromatic spices and simmered to a perfect tenderness.

Mutton prepared in the traditional masala (curry) and garnished with fresh coriander.

Kadhai Gosht $13.99

Juicy Ontario lamb cooked in a Kadhai, with fresh tomatoes and a secret combination of spices, A specialty of our kitchen.

A truly remarkable dish of lamb cooked in the traditional Kashmiri Masala (curry) and flavoured with saffron.

Lean lamb, cubed and prepared in a mild sauce of nuts and yoghurt with a whisper of saffron.